Monday, May 7, 2012

Rancho Thatchmo 6 May, 2012

Yesterday's Show is now posted: QUICK! LISTEN!

I Need to Speak to You, Important 0:22 Larry Clark

"Telephone Prayer" (from Dreamland: A compilation) 8:05 Joe Frank

Arbol de Diana 0:55 Susanna Sonnenberg

Monk 0:15 Miles

Phillip Roth 2:05 Sarah Sloat

A Call in the Night (excerpt) 4:22 Joe Frank

Bo Diddley 1:28 Drunk Man #2 Ghosts of Stax Past

 I Don't Like You 3:09 Bo Diddley The Chess Years - Disc 9 of 12 (Talkover)

Oh Yeah, Oh No 0:22 Add N To (X) Avant Hard

Long Summer Day 1:57 Moses "Clear Rock" Platt Deep River of Song

Pick A Bale Of Cotton 1:59 Unknown Axe Cutting Group Deep River of Song

When I Was A Little Boy 2:40 The Angelina Quartet Deep River of Song

 Western Cowboy 2:12 Percy Ridge Deep River of Song

(Talkover) Oh Yeah, Oh No 0:22 Add N To (X) Avant Hard

I Ain't Got Nobody 3:06 Emmett Miller American Music In The Beginning

 The Mountaineer's Courtship 3:13 E. Stoneman, Miss I. Frost, E. Dunford Bristol Sessions

 I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper 1:04 Erika Eigen A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack

(Talkover) Oh Yeah, Oh No 0:22 Add N To (X) Avant Hard

 The Placebo Syndrome 4:24 Parliament Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome

True Affection 3:23 The Blow Paper Television

Sparkle Motion Bigott 2:04 This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship Bridges And

Balloons 3:43 Joanna Newsom The Milk-Eyed Mender

(Talkover) Born Under A Bad Sign 7:38 Jimi Hendrix Blues

See Emily Play 2:54 Pink Floyd The First 3 Singles

Harmony 2:47 Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Bong Song 3:36 Butthole Surfers

Widowermaker [10-inch E.P.] (Talkover)

Oh Yeah, Oh No 0:22 Add N To (X) Avant Hard

Titty, Give Me Some Titty 1:04 Mary McDonald Deep River of Song: Alabama

 Love Me With Your Mind 3:47 The Shams Sedusia

A Day In The Life Of Bonnie And Clyde 2:43 Mel Tormé Mel Tormé Collection

All Things are Quite Silent 3:01 Irene Trembley

(Talkover) Oh Yeah, Oh No 0:22 Add N To (X) Avant Hard

The Arizona Yodeler 2:27 The De Zurik Sisters American Yodeling 1911-1946

Tin Can Alley 0:58 Ezra Lewis Virginia & The Piedmont Deep River of Song

 Kawika 2:48 Kalama's Quartet Early Hawaiian Classics

Nakhone Prayer (Laos) 3:21 Sathoukhru Lukkhamkeow Black Mirror: Reflections In Global Musics

The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget 2:12 The Raindrops The Brill Building Sound

 (Talkover) Oh Yeah, Oh No 0:22 Add N To (X) Avant Hard

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