Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chalkboards go to Cannes

My pal Dusty does these chalkboard animations:


and he's got to make some for Cannes as spacers on the notion of "The Other"

If anyone has something to say or read on that subject, why not leave it on his machine, in 5-60 second segments:

He's looking to get them in by this weekend.

Here is Dusty's call to arms:
'The Other' is sort of a tough concept, but once you get it the whole thing sounds very simple. It is in reference to any time you felt like and outsider, or any story dealing with anytime anyone felt outside of the 'in-group'. For example, one of the short films is about people who can't smell, which is a subset of the population that is outside the 'norm' of people who can smell. So basically it is any story about a moment when you were outside the norm or felt like an outsider, or it could also be a case when you are dealing with the outsider. Try to not say "the other" though, because it is going to be a long film and I'm sure if they hear "the other" a million times it will get pretty annoying. If you do leave a message please leave me your contact information so I can put you in the credits for the film.

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dustingrella said...

Thanks Thatcher!!! Your the best! Thatcher's animations are at: